martin wolf


Martin Wolf

I am Martin Wolf, a native of Zurich, grew up in Zurich

An attentive person, I perceive a lot, am inspired by a lot, especially by people around me, and like to work in a team.

Joy for life, rediscovering myself again and again.
Even if I have a positive attitude in everyday life, sometimes I like to make angry, serious, disappointed and sad faces.
Telling stories, making faces – I like that a lot.

I’m also happy to take on supporting roles and smaller speaking roles.


Cinema start: 13.06.2024

Les histoires d’amour de Liv S.

The Love Stories of Liv S.
Cinema Film, Love Tragedy/Comedy
Anna Luif, – in co-production with SRF and blue+
with Marie Fontannaz

Role as extra:
wedding guest at wedding of Emma

 Set: June 2021; Release: Januar 2024
Solothurner Filmtage 17.-24.01.2024

38-year-old Liv Sàndor is wandering around the city, perplexed, after an argument with her boyfriend. Liv begins to remember her past romances, in which there was always a turning point. In flashbacks, Liv goes through these phases of her faded relationships. Can Liv face her fears on the streets of Zurich and learn something for the future from her failed love affairs?