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films (roles as extra)

Listing in order of shooting dates (not by release dates), with the most recent date first.

Frieda’s case (a.k.a. The Lost)

Cinema Film, Drama
Maria Brendle
In Production
Condor Films AG in Koproduktion mit SRF / SRG SSR

Role as extra:

Release: 2024

Electric Child_Martin Wolf

Zu dä Sunnä – Obdachlosenwelt

To the sun – World of the homeless
Short film – ZHdK graduation film –
Zurich University of the Arts
Ivan Avramovic

Role as extra:

Release: June 2023

Electric Child_Martin Wolf

Maya – und das Imperfekt

Maya – and the imperfect
Short film – ZHdK graduation film –
Zurich University of the Arts
Dominic Curseri

Role as extra:
Guest at Birthday Party

Release: Autumn 2023

Electric Child_Martin Wolf

Tatort – Episode 7 – Of monkeys and humans

Scene of Crime – Episode 7
TV-Series, Thriller – Crime Series
ARD/ORF/SRF – Episode 7

Role as extra:
Traveller in the main railway station of Zurich

Release: 14.04.2024

Electric Child_Martin Wolf

Bon Schuur Ticino

Cinema Film, Comedy
Peter Luisi – Spotlight Media Productions AG
in co-production with SRF and SRG/SSR

Role as extra:
Guest at Apéro in the lobby of the Federal Parliament

(with main cast by Beat Schlatter)

Release: 30.11.2023

Electric Child_Martin Wolf

Electric Child

Cinema Film, Sci-Fi, Drama

Simon Jaquemet     8horses, Maneki Films, Perron X

Role as extra:
Older Businessman in a suit with briefcase on a bridge
as a meteorite appears

Release: 2023 in Japan  /  Release Switzerland: 2023

Electric Child_Martin Wolf

The Palace

Cinema Film, Black Comedy
Roman Polanski – Luca Barbareschi with Eliseo Entertainment,
RAI Cinema, CAB Productions

Role as extra:
Party Guest at New Years Eve 31.12.1999 in the Hotel Palace
in Gstaad/Switzerland

Stand-In for actor Milan Peschel (10.-12.05.2022)

Release: Italy, 28.09.2023, set to play out of competition at 80th Venice Film Festival
Cinema-Release Switzerland: 2023

Die Beschatter – Akademie der Detektive

The Shadowers – Academy of Detectives –
TV-Series, Thriller (crime series)
Michael Steiner,

Role as extra:
Patient in Hospital, Visitor in Hospital

Release: Autumn 2022 – DRS
Sequence 2, from 45:09-14 in the background, picking up a patient

Das Netz – Spiel am Abgrund

High-End – TV-Series
ARD Degeto co-production
«Das Netz» (The Net) is produced transnational in different languages.
WFA – World Football Association – In the series of “Das Netz”,
it’s about the superficially glamorous world of sport,
which is often enough shaped by criminal activities.

Role as extra:
Member of the Council of the World Football Association (WFA) – Meeting in Zürich

Release: Autumn 2022
Sequence 2, from 22:42-43, 23:51-55, 28:53-29:04

Les histoires d’amour de Liv S.

The Love Stories of Liv S.
Cinema Film, Love Tragedy/Comedy
Anna Luif, – in co-production with SRF and blue+

Role as extra:
wedding guest at wedding of Emma

Release: 18.04.2024